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Nell's Woodland Foundation

Connecting with nature can be powerful, healing, and inspirational - for us and the environment. By investing in our natural surroundings, we are investing in ourselves and our community.

The Nell's Woodland Foundation is a 501(c)(3)  organization dedicated to facilitating a meaningful and connected relationship to nature through programs that support stewardship in the areas of Ecology, Health & Wellness, and the Arts utilizing our inspirational 60-acre preserve located in Ottawa, IL.  

Our Vision
Engaging the beauty, peace, and serenity of nature to empower well-being and growth.
Nell's Spheres of Stewardship

To be a steward is to be a person who takes responsibility for something.  The Woodlands takes pride in being a steward of our inspiring 60-acre nature preserve while providing the opportunity for our community to experience the peace and enchantment of the landscape. We focus on these three areas because we believe there is an intrinsic interdependence between humans and nature that is optimized when connected.


Health & Wellness

The Arts

A Walk Through the Woodlands

Visit our gallery to see all of the amazing things happening at Nell's! There is a lot of activity happening with our wildlife and plants as Spring makes its way to Ottawa.

Join Us

Keep in contact with Nell's as we continue to grow.

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